About Us

We are Aar Kay Advertising And Graphics

Who Are We

We are an esteemed Advertising and Marketing Agency providing Digital as well as Traditional Marketing Services to our Clients. We have expertise in both kind of marketing.

Our Mission

To provide affordable and premium marketing services to organisations be it small, medium or large. We believe that cost should not be an inhibitory factor for availing optimum services.

What We Do

We provide Social Media Ads, Google Ads, SEO, E-mail Marketing and related services in Digital domain. Besides we are also equipped with FM Ads, TV Ads and Newspaper Ads Services.

Our History

We take pride in putting customers’ interest ahead of our own. Serving customers with unbridled professionalism since 2005.

Things started for us way back in 2005. Back then we were only providing Newspaper Advertising Services. But with the advent of time and technology we started adding more services to our arsenal. Consequently we started providing FM and TV based advertisements. We partnered with major FM Channels like Red FM, Big FM, Radio City, Radio Mirchi and TV channels such as Aaj Tak, India TV, ABP News, News18 India, News 24 etc. for serving our customers efficiently.

In the recent years Digital Medium is generating colossal marketing opportunities due to the ever increasing user base. People are exploring digital mediums like never before and changing their needs and habits by getting influenced with this medium. To harness this increased opportunity we invested our time in mastering these mediums, so that we can offer our customers unmatched services. Since last 3 years we are dealing in this domain and have successfully contributed to the success of our clients. Services ranging from Search Engine Optimization(SEO), to Digital Ad Campaigns like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, Lead Generation; we have expertise in every digital domain.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services starting from Digital Marketing to Advertisements in TV, Radio, Newspapers etc. We are vastly experienced in Advertising and Marketing Domain.

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads are most convenient ways to reach customers. We focus on quality of leads along with getting more eyeballs.


PPC Ads are dominated by Google. Google Search Ads and Display Ads are what you need if you want to get quality leads. Achieving higher Quality Score is our MO.


We provide E-commerce set up and marketing services. We tend to drive more traffic to E-commerce portals by running Eye-catching campaigns.

TV Ads

Display and Lineage Ads on News Channels are a great way to attract customers. News is what people watch most and hence have greater eyeballs to grab on.

FM Ads

FM is a great way to reach people and grabbing their attention. Music has always been a keen interest of our people. We provide Advt services to major FM channels all over India.

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper is still the most trusted source of information. Newspaper Ads provide your brand the Identity and Recognition you strive for. We are authorized booking partners of major national dailies.

We also provide Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing and Email-Marketing Services.

Why Choose Aar Kay Advertising

Why Choose Us?

We have multiple marketing options for your brand. You can advertise on Digital Mediums like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube as well as on Conventional mediums like Newspaper, FM and TV.
We make sure that any or services should not go beyond the reach of even a small set up. Prices are lower than the competitors but not at cost of service quality.
Any marketing campaign is successful only if it runs for a certain period of time. But is the campaign performing as per the expectation? The answer to this lies in transparency. We ensure full transparency in reporting, so that client can have first hand knowledge of how their campaigns are doing.
Every domain of marketing needs expertise and diligence. To achieve this we have set up a dedicated team for every domain. Every member of the team is an expert of their respective fields.
We always focus on improving ROI of campaigns. And to make this thing a reality, we have incorporated many techniques. Thus we ensure increased ROI of campaigns thereby contributing to business growth of clients.

Would you like to get more leads at lower cost?

Lead generation has always been a cumbersome process for any business. But right approach and techniques can make a major difference.