Refund Policy

We always try to provide the best customer experience and continuously try to improve further. But some factors are beyond our control and those things may create situations where a customer may have to place the request for refund.

All Newspaper ad bookings done on is fulfilled by Aar Kay Advertising and Graphics.  Therefore refund is processed as per the policies followed by Aar Kay Advertising and Graphics. We provide 100% refund after deducting the processing fees of 10%.

Some Important Points regarding Cancellation and Refunds of Newspaper Ads

1. Customers can request for cancellation of their ads, upto 5:30 PM a day prior to the scheduled publishing date. No cancellation request will be entertained beyond this time.

2. Customers can Raise their request for cancellation and refund by sending an email to or through whatsapp on 9310244566.

3. Refund will be processed after the successfull acceptance of the cancellation request. It may take up to 5-6 days depending upon the payment methods used and bank timelines.

4. In some cases Newspaper/Publication houses may change your ad matter as per their policies and guidelines. This is to clarify that we have no role in it and same is not managed or done by us.

5. If your ad matter is printed incorrectly by the publication house, then you ad will be published with correct matter in the very next day edition, free of cost.

6. Please understand that the whole process, from ad composition to ad booking is done digitally. Therefore any scope of human error is negligible. So, we cannot be held responsible for any typos. You are requested to always double check your matter and spellings.

7. In some unforseen circumstances publishing of your ad may get delayed by a day or two. As these circumstances are not in our control, thus we cannot be held responsible for it. But we will try to get your ad published in the latest possible edition of your selected newspaper.



If you have any questions regarding the refund process or further want clarification on any issues, then you are more than welcome to reach out to us at

Raman Kumar Chaudhary

Privacy Compliance Officer (owned by Aar Kay Advertising and Graphics)