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TV is a medium that can give your brand maximum number of eye balls. Wide variety of shows and channels are there so you can choose the program and channels as per your brand image and liking.

Type of TV Ads

The advertising on television has only evolved in the recent past. New ads forms and types are being invented and provided to advertisers. Ads types are very much affected by the type of program that is being broadcasted. For an instance, news programs and sports programs are having different advertisement forms and opportunities. As an advertiser you have to decide which type of ad suits your brand. Some prominent ad types are FCT, Aston Band, L Band, Scrollers and Teleshopping.

L Band TV Ad Aar Kay Ad

L Band

These are extension of the aston band format. The ad is showed in the L format at the left side of the screen. These ads cover more portion of the screen than the aston band ads and hence are more costly.

Aston Band TV Ad Aar Kay Ad

Aston Band

Aston bands are placed right at the bottom of the screen. These ads are displayed during the live program and hence catches more eyeballs.

FCT TV Ad Aar Kay Ad

Regular FCT

This is the regular video ad that plays during the intervals and breaks. It's the most popular ad format and also attracts the audience towards your brand.

Scrollers TV Ad Aar Kay Ad


Your ad is played in the scrolling format that scrolls from one end to the other end of the screen. Only text is supported in this format. They are a prominent feature on News Channels.

Teleshopping TV Ad Aar Kay Ad


Teleshopping ads are broadcasted in the form of pre-recorded programs. They can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes long. These ads are played when TV viewership is low.

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Channel Associations

News 18 India Aar Kay Ad
News 24 Aar Kay Ad
India TV Aar Kay Ad
Zee News Aar Kay Ad
Aaj Tak Aar Kay Ad
ABP News Aar Kay Ad
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