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Facebook is one of the oldest social network and has billions of active users spreading all over the world. This lone fact makes it a very useful medium for advertising. After the digital revolution that happened few years back, the user base of fb in India has only increased and currently stands at the highest level when compared to other countries user base. Facebook has invested heavily to monetize this huge user base and have provided many advertisement opportunities to customers.

Facebook Ad Formats

You can run your ads on facebook in these formats. Choose them as per your needs and objectives. Every format is having its own importance.


This is the most popular and simplest ad format. You can choose any image that best suits your brand and objective.


Videos bring you sound and emotions. Using this format you can easily describe your brand identity. Also videos are getting upper hand in facebook Algo.


In this format you can showcase upto 10 Images or Videos within a single Ad. You can also add different links to each image or video.


Collection is the newest format. It makes it easier to showcase your products or services in a visual and immersive way.

Facebook Ad Objectives

These objectives effects the way Facebook treats your Ads.


In this your goal is to make people aware about your business. To tell them about the kind of products or services you are providing. This objective can be further categorised into Brand Awareness and Reach.


Here you are more interested in getting people to visit your site or app. Using proper content you can encourage your audience to do so. This objective can further categorized into Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead generations and Messages.


In conversion as an objective you want users to take a specific action on your site or app. You want them to fill a certain form or purchase a certain product. This objective can be further categorized into Conversions, Catalog Sales and Store Traffic.

Facebook Ad Types Aar Kay Ad

Link Click Ads

You can send your audience to specific web or app pages. You can use image or video ad format.

Offer Claims

This ad type is more useful to attract your target audience and make them to visit your store or website. Offers keep them engaged.

Boosted Page Posts

You can boost your normal facebook post to reach more people. You can also add detailed targeting.

Page Like Ads

These are very useful if you want to increase your page likes. The page like CTA button makes it easier for people to like your page.

Multi-Product (Carousel Ads)

This ad type is most useful for ecommerce sites. In this you can add upto 10 product images or videos to showcase your product.

Messenger Ads

Messenger ads appears in the facebook messenger app. You can show your ads to people while they are chatting with their friends.

Facebook Lead Ads

This ad type allows you to collect leads without leaving the facebook platform. You can use lead forms to capture the leads.

Event Ads

If you want to boost the reach of your event then you can use this ad type. Targeting is important as events will be localised.

Targeting Options on Facebook





These are only few important metrics. Apart from these, you can also target your audience on the basis of Relationship Status, Education, Life Events, Parental status, Language, Work Profile, Political Identity, Behavior, Connections and many more.

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