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FM Radio is an important medium where you can reach your potential customers easily and effectively. Not just youth but you will find people from almost every age category on radio.

Type of FM Promotions

There are various forms of FM promotions that you can choose according to your need and nature of requirements. Every form is having its own importance and is effective in particular scenarios only. So, first clear your objective about how you want promote your brand and then select suitable forms of promotions.

Sponsorship Tags

Brands can associate themselves with a radio program and become an sponsor for that particular program. Listeners take a note of the brand as they hear it during the program mentions. It creates a brand recogintion among the listeners and helps to build brand identity.

Radio Commercials

These are pre-defined time slots offered by FM Radio channels. Brands can promote their products and services by running commercials in these slots.

Outdoor Broadcast

In this the FM radio's presenter along with its team conducts an offsite broadcast at an agreed upon place of the advertiser.

RJ Mentions

This works on the principle of influencer marketing. RJs can influence their audience and hence can promote your brand too by making mentions of it during their programs.


FM station talks about your brand and runs some contest among their listeners and then give them prizes provided by your brand. This is a great way to promote brand among listeners.

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Radio Mirchi Aar Kay Ad
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