What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the process of targeting your customers by sending them regular emails about offers, updates, happenings in and around your brand. It helps in boosting your conversions by keeping the customers in the funnel. For, e-commerce companies email marketing is like a boon. From abandoned cart recovery to updates about new products and offers on the current products, they can easily intimate their customers through this process.

When to use Email Marketing

You can use email marketing in multiple scenarios. Some common ones are:

Nurture Leads

To keep the subscriber base interested with your brand, provide them content that will help them achieve their goals.

Brand Awareness

To regularly update your subscribers about your brand working process, values, services and other important details.

Build Relationship

To build a strong relationship with your customers through personalized messages.

Content Promotion

To share relevant blog or useful content with your customers and potential customers.

Product Marketing

To promote your products and services among your subscriber base.

Popular Email Marketing Softwares

Constant Contact






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